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I help women


Hey there, I’m Pammie!

Founder of My Bodi My Home, LLC 

I’m all about you and your wellness journey.

Welcome to My Bodi My Home – your path to wellness starts here...

Having worked in healthcare for decades, I understand that health and well-being are our most valuable assets. Yet, many of us either ignore our bodies signals or seek quick fixes, often leading to chronic illness and confusion about what truly benefits our health. 

Are you feeling exhausted, stressed, or overwhelmed by persistent health issues?

Many women share your frustration with traditional healthcare systems that often overlook solutions if test results are within normal ranges. I specialize in supporting women like you with a holistic approach providing personalized guidance tailored to your unique health needs. I offer clarity by  helping you navigate the myriad of ways to prevent and reverse illness, regardless of your current health status, medications, or diagnosis.

By addressing every aspect of your well-being, we'll create a comprehensive plan that makes small lifestyle changes leading to significant improvements in your life. In less time than you imagined, you'll experience more health and vitality than you thought possible. 

If this sounds like you and you are ready to transform your life and take control of your health once and for all, please connect with me today!


My approach is grounded in results. By seamlessly blending the strengths of Western medicine with the proven benefits of alternative healing, I offer a holistic solution that stands the test of time. Experience the evidence-backed transformation firsthand, as you not only feel and look better but also live better.

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